The classrooms are airy, well ventilated and fully lighted .Keeping in view the ergonomic concepts, furniture of latest design has been provided for the students. The classrooms atmosphere is congenial and democratic. The introverts are gradually drawn out of the shells. Original thinking is always encouraged .Modern and latest techniques are use in the classroom. Innovative method of teaching are constantly being used to make teaching more meaningful and interesting .The student are frequently tested and the result are used as feed back to further improve teaching. Comprehensive records of student progress are maintained .Discipline is our fort. No corporal punishment is given but students come up to very high standard of discipline thought example and encouragement. It is discipline that comes from within .Teaching in class is all learning-individual and collective. Discovery being a continuous element in the learning process .The school has well-equipped laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and physics.

S. RAZA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL provides an academic environment blended with love and discipline conductive to overall development of the child’s personality and help her grow up as an enlightened and useful citizen, capable of adjusting to the requirements of life.

S.RAZA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL endeavors to impart the best possible qualitative education to students based on modern technique through well organized and fully equipped classrooms.

Anisabad, Ali Nagar Colony, Anisabad, Patna, Bihar 800002
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