General Instruction


Attendance Policy

At S Raza Girls High School, we believe that regular attendance is crucial for a student's academic success and overall development. Our attendance policy is designed to ensure that students attend school regularly and engage fully in their educational journey. Here are the key points of our attendance policy:

Regular Attendance: It is compulsory for all students to attend school regularly. Punctuality and consistent attendance are essential for effective learning.

Minimum Attendance Requirement: To be eligible to appear for each semester exam, students must maintain a minimum attendance of 80%. Falling below this threshold may result in students not receiving their exam admit cards.

Exemptions and Valid Reasons: If a student's attendance falls below 80%, their parents must meet the principal and provide valid reasons for the shortfall. Medical prescriptions should be submitted if applicable.

Explanation for Absence: If a student is absent, their parent must provide an explanation in the Record of Non-Attendance section of the almanac. This should be done for each day of absence and is valid for up to two days.

Unauthorized Absence: Students who report to school without a valid explanation in the almanac will not be allowed to attend class and will be sent back home.

Responsibility of Absentee Students: It is the responsibility of absentee students to ensure that their parents have entered the relevant information and signed the almanac. Failure to do so may result in parents being called to school, and the student may be asked to go back home.

Medical Absences: In case of absence of more than two days due to medical reasons, a medical certificate and prescription (Xerox copies) must be attached along with the application.

No Half-Day Leave: There is no provision for half-day leave. Students who are unwell should not be sent to school, even on assessment days.

Assessments: If a student is taken home by parents/guardians/authorized persons during school hours, even on assessment days, the student will be marked absent for that particular assessment and will receive a score of zero.

Repeated Absence: Repeated absence without notices or unexplained absence without a written application for more than six consecutive days may lead to the student's name being struck off the rolls. Re-admission may only be granted after payment of a re-admission fee.

We appreciate the cooperation of parents and guardians in ensuring that students adhere to our attendance policy. Regular attendance is not only a requirement but also a key factor in a student's academic progress and overall development.

For any specific concerns or questions regarding attendance, please feel free to contact the school administration.


1. Students must report to school in proper school uniform beforethe assembly bell rings.
2. Wearing of I - Card is mandatory in school premises.
3. Greeting everyone especially teachers is mandatory.
4. Students should plait their hair if it is below their shoulder (twoplaits). Short hair should be neatly cut and pinned.
5. Communicating in English is compulsory in school premises.
6. Students have to strictly follow the sitting arrangementsprovided by their respective class teachers.
7. Ornaments/ear rings/ nose pins/finger rings/designer or smartwatches and back pins should not be worn.
8. Application of henna and nail paints is not at all allowed.
9. Bringing of diaries and noting down important notices andhome works and getting teacher's signature is compulsory.
10. Refrain from misconduct such as cheating during exams,having arguments and using bad language, disturbing others,destroying school properties such as benches and walls. Allthese activities are punishable and can lead to suspensionfrom school.
11. It is compulsory to attain all class tests, periodic tests, halfyearly exams and final exams. Failure can affect classpromotions.
12. 80% attendance is compulsory to take examinationexcept on medicalgrounds. (90% for IX & X)
13. Students should keep their parents updated about schoolnotices and activities as well as their test and performances.
14. Do not misbehave while travelling in school bus.
15. Bringing cell phones to school is strictly forbidden.